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CoronaVirus Life Insurance Topics on Tap:

  1. What Do We Know About the Virus?
  2. If We Know All This
  3. You Didn’t Think of it Like That
  4. Do-It-Yourself
  5. Real Life Insurance

CoronaVirus Life Insurance

Yes, I know there is no such thing as CoronaVirus life insurance. At least that’s not what the medical experts and pundits are calling the advice they are dispensing.

Depending on who you read, or what you watch The CoronaVirus is the topic du jour. And, with good reason. As my son says, it’s everywhere, it’s everywhere.

Does it really matter where it originated at this point? We know it was Wuhan, China. But so what? It’s here, there and everywhere. What does that have to do with CoronaVirus life insurance? Good question.

What Do We Know About the Virus?

That’s probably the best starting point to this discussion. We know we don’t know too much about it. Some people don’t show any symptoms. Some people show immediate symptoms. The elderly are supposedly the most prone to contract it. The young, under 15, don’t seem to contract it at all.

It spreads via coughing, sneezing and breath exhalation.

It can live on almost any surface. And does for, depending on who you believe, between 2 and 9 days.

We know it attacks the lungs. It is introduced by us because we touch our nose, eyes and mouths quite often during any given day. These places then become portals for introducing the virus internally.

If We Know All This

This knowledge gives us an upper hand. Not a cure or remedy but an upper hand. Because it is a virus we also know it has a relatively short open air shelf life. We also know alcohol will kill it.Therein lies the CoronaVirus life insurance. We don’t need to buy a life insurance policy like a term or indexed universal life or even an annuity. All we need is alcohol.

Alcohol comes in a product called a disinfectant. These are sold in almost every retail outlet. Disinfectants come in bottles, sprays and cans and one other very easy to use product.

Wipes. You know the kind. You pull them out of a container and wipe down the kitchen counter-top or clean your hands. Easy to use and do an excellent job of cleaning. They also do an excellent job of killing The CoronaVirus. If the alcohol based cleaner contains at least 70%, some say 60% alcohol, you have a CoronaVirus life insurance policy.

You Didn’t Think of it Like That

If we took a survey, I’d bet my wife’s bank account not one person thought of an alcohol based product as a CoronaVirus life insurance policy. I am NOT implying alcohol products will save anyone’s life.

I am saying all of the big guns like WHO, CDC and EPA are advising people to use this product. They also tell us to wash our hands for 20 seconds minimum with soap and water. At this point in time this is the best advice they have to offer the general public.

Oh, they also include the caveat, DON’T PANIC. Keep calm and don’t let hysteria take control.

Yes, people have died. But in the greater scheme of things cancer all by itself claimed over 26,000 lives. And heart disease claimed over 24,000 lives on the same day the CoronaVirus crept out of Wuhan, China.

Even the snake kill is far worse. They say snakes kill about 130 people a day worldwide. This virus is indeed a snake but it must be kept in perspective.


By the way, for “Do-It-Your-Self” types, you can make an alcohol based disinfectant. Take 180 proof vodka and mix it with Aloe Vera. And maybe an essential oil, for the aroma. And voila, you have a disinfectant.

Obviously there are other mixable products. 180 proof vodka isn’t the only alcohol you can use. I thought I’d toss that out for anyone who went to the store and couldn’t find any alcohol based cleaning products.

Real Life Insurance

CoronaVirus life insurance will kill the virus but real life insurance may just pay the bills if you get it. Living benefits is a term you may have heard. If not, let me explain.

In insurance, living benefits is another way to say a person does not have to die to access the face amount of their life insurance policy. If a person has a chronic, critical or terminal illness and has a living benefits policy they can access their face value. The CoronaVirus hasn’t been classified as a chronic illness, critical illness or terminal illness as of yet. This means you cannot access your face value if you get it.

On the hand, if you have an indexed universal life policy, it probably has cash value. You can access that cash value. Cash value becomes a living benefit.

This means if you get the virus and have cash value you can take a loan to pay any associated expenses. You don’t necessarily have to take a loan. Your health insurance may pay all of the medical bills.

I’m presenting a real life option available to you should one, you have cash value and two, you need to use it. Real life insurance could become a real life saver.



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